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General Ecoaware Sites:

Earth 911 - making every day Earth Day

The Nature Conservancy

The Rewilding Institute

Sierra Club

Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition

The Wilderness Society - protecting America's wilderness since 1935

Wildlands Project - reconnect | restore | rewild

Gardening Info:

Super-duper favorite sites:

Gardenweb - The forums provide very helpful advice; registration is free.


Garden Decor at BlossomSwap

Garden Guides

Molbaks - Even though this site is for a nursery in Washington state, they offer great care sheets (in .pdf format) for outdoor and indoor plants via the "horticultural information" link.

Virtual Gardener - "an online magazine with organic roots"

Houseplant Info:

The Garden Helper's House Plant Care and Cultivation Guides


Favorite houseplants:

heartleaf philodendron (philodendron oxycardium); also known as cordatum vine, parlor ivy, and sweetheart vine

devil's ivy (pothos)

spider plant (chlorophytuni comosum); also known as airplane plant

chinese evergreen (aglaonema)

arrowhead vine (syngonium podophyllum); also known as nepthytis, african evergreen, goosefoot plant


Don't miss these other pages on my site:

Big Cat Sanctuaries


Defenders of Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation

Opossum Society of the United States

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Forever


National Audubon Society and the Atlanta Audubon Society

Nutty Birdwatcher - good source of info for Eastern U.S. birds

Bubba & Friends - birds of prey rescue organization in Griffin, GA


Bats are great animals to have in your area! They eat tons of bugs!

Bat Conservation International - based in Texas


Organization for Bat Conservation

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