Cougar Conservation
The cougar is practically extinct in the eastern United States. Luckily, man hasn't completely wiped out the species, because mountain lions still can be found in the west and northwest. Learn more about these wonderful, beautiful animals and I bet you'll love them as much as I do!

The eastern cougar (puma concolor couguar) is on the endangered list; read more about their endangered status by visiting their U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service species profile page.

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The Florida Panther, a sub-species of cougar, is threatened.

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The cougars in these photos represent a pivotal point in my life. It was when Sam and I visited Grandfather Mountain, N.C., in March of 2005, and saw their beautiful cougar habitat with 3 gorgeous cougars that it dawned on me how serious the situation is for these glorious cats. Click the thumbnail image for a larger version.

These are photos of cougars at the Ellijay Wildlife Rehab Sanctuary, Ellijay, Georgia. Click the thumbnail image for a larger version.

Some of the cougar photos on this page are © of Sam Walton and some are © of Becky Walton

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