I wanna be a wildlife rehabilitator...

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It dawned on me that, as much as I *love* being at the wildlife sanctuary nursing little orphaned baby animals, I ought to get my own wildlife rehabber permit! Only logical, right? (now if I can sell Sam on the idea of baby possums and raccoons in the garage!)

My preliminary research shows that I need to:

1. Study these 3 publications:

"Wild Animal Care and Rehabilitation Manual" from the Kalamazoo Nature Center

"Principles of Wildlife Rehabilitation: The Essential Guide for Novice and Experienced Rehabilitators" from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

"Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation" from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

2. Consider joining these professional organizations:

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

International Wildlife Rehabilitators Council

3. Take the Rehabilitator's Exam with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources

4. Once I pass the test, prepare my "facilities" for inspection. (Er... uh... does the garage or spare bedroom count as a "facility"?!)

5.  When my garage, er, facility is ready for inspection, submit my license application to the Special Permit Unit, who will arrange for someone to inspect my holding and treatment areas. 

6. Upon approval of my rehabilitation facilities, get my permit!

7. There. That wasn't so hard, was it?

8. Now, just sit back, wait for the baby possums to come to me, then start rehabbin' some babies!

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