What is FooFrancine?!

FooFrancine is named after my beautiful tortie cat Francine. Years ago, on my favorite list, cyberkat, we determined that our lively, active cats were foofighters. Yes, I know what foofighters really are. But among us cybercatters, our version of foofighters are crazy cats that love to run, kick, jump, stalk, ambush, and just basically exhaust the rest of us!

Here's a picture of my li'l foofighter!

You can see more photos of her by visiting her web page.


Francine became the leader, even founding a FooSkool so that kitties can study, and perfect, the way of foo. She's the foomistress.

So, it's only logical that my web presence be FooFrancine!

The backgrounds on this page are from The Graphic Garden.